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Visiting Ventura isn’t complete without taking a surf lesson. We pride ourselves on professional instructors, quality boards & suits, and providing memories that will last.

Welcome to Ventura Surf Lessons

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All surf lessons are private and available 7 days a week year-round.

Lesson Timeslots
  • 9:00 am – 10:30 am
  • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
  • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Curious which time we recommend?
Lesson Pricing
  • $115 for 1 surfer
  • $170 for 2 surfers
  • $225 for 3 surfers
  • $300 for 4 surfers
  • $325 for 5 surfers
  • $65 per surfer for 5+ groups
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Included in our Ventura surf lessons

Our number one priority when offering Ventura surf lessons is to pair you with a professional instructor with skills and personality. We’re confident that you’ll agree with us when we say we’ve found the best talent in town.

No need to pack your surf lesson gear because we’ll be delivering your very own board and suit to the beach. We pride ourselves on carrying notable surf brands and up to date equipment that is clean and catered to you.

We have found that 1.5 hours or 90 min is the sweet spot for a surfing session in ventura. A majority of our clients catch their very first wave on their first lesson in this time! But, if you’re the athletic type we will happily customize your experience and extend your lesson as needed.

What we love about teaching surf lessons in Ventura

Ventura offers one of the best and most scenic coastlines in California. The beaches serve up a wide variety of waves and our beautiful mountains provide an epic backdrop to gaze upon while in the water. We especially love doing surf lessons in Ventura over the summer when it becomes difficult for Santa Barbara beaches to have surf. The Channel Islands located in the Santa Barbara Channel actually block Santa Barbara from having waves during the summer season. Thankfully Ventura does not experience the same fate. The surf in Ventura has more fun and consistent waves for beginners, where Santa Barbara is almost flat the whole summer. 

Which Ventura surf spot will my lesson take place?

A majority of our ventura surf lessons take place at Mondos beach. This is an ideal spot for learning how to surf or to improve on the skills you’ve already acquired. On the inside of mondos the waves break soft and slow making it perfect for beginners. If you already have some experience, your instructor will take you further out where the waves break faster and stronger.

Mondos beach in Ventura also has a nice sandy beach that friends and family can hang out on before, after, or during your lesson. If your friends and family would like beach chairs while cheering you on ask our team about chair and umbrella rentals. The vibe at Mondos is friendly and upbeat, this surf break attracts many first-timers so you won’t be alone. Mondos beach in Ventura is undoubtedly one of the best spots on the central coast for surf lessons.

Don't just take our word for it. Read what others have shared about their Ventura surf lesson experience


This was my first time surfing and I had a great private lesson from Carson, who answered all of my questions and gave me pointers as I was practicing. He also did a great job of complimenting me which made me feel like I could be a real surfer one day. The waves were light and good for beginners!

We had so much fun at our surf lesson! Our instructor, Alli, was so easy going and encouraging as first time surfers. Her tips were super helpful and we all caught multiple waves with her guidance! I would highly recommend Santa Barbara surf school for anyone looking to try out surfing.

The location was amazing, Tyler (the instructor)was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He gave good feedback and was very helpful. The waves were a great size to learn on and the whole learn-to-surf experience was one of my favorite parts of my vacation! I highly recommend giving it a try. Left with a huge smile on my face and a memorable experience.

What we offer for our surf lessons in Ventura
Ventura Surfboard Rentals

Ventura Surf Lessons come with a surfboard and wetsuit, but if you’d like to keep the gear for an extra hour after your lesson we offer that as well! We also offer surfboard rentals and wetsuit rentals from our office or from our surf van parked at the beach. If you have already taken a surf lesson and are hoping to rent the surfboard and wetsuit on your own we can help with that.

ventura surfboard rentals

We carry a wider variety of surfboards at our office so if you’re particular about your board choice we recommend booking that rental on our website. If you are interested in a surfboard well-suited for beginners you can schedule a time to pick up a board and suit directly from our van at the beach.

To book a surfboard and wetsuit rental at our van you’ll need to make a reservation online or over the phone. Our team of instructors will only be able to rent and receive our rental gear at our van before and after their scheduled surfing lessons.

Surfboard Rental Pricing
  • $45 / surfboard & wetsuit for one day
  • $30 / surfboard only for one day
  • $15 / wetsuit only for one day
  • no hourly pricing
  • one day can be anything from 1 – 24 hours
Available at our office:
  • Soft-top and Hard-top long board rentals
  • Hard-top short board rentals
  • Boogie board rentals
  • Paddle board rentals
  • Gift cards
Available at our surf van by reservation:
  • Surfboard and wetsuit rentals
  • Boogie board rentals 
  • Life jackets
  • Beach Chair rentals
Meet your instructor at our surf van parked at Mondos Beach

*Please note that your surf lesson is subject to change based on rapidly changing conditions. Please refer to the phone and email conversation from our team for where your surf lesson is taking place. While most lessons are, your surf lesson may not be at Mondos Beach. Our team is constantly checking on the surf report of several beaches in order to schedule your lesson at the best possible location.

surf school van at mondos beach
We look forward to teaching you how to surf soon!

Our team of instructors all teach surf lessons with a desire to share their passion. When you take a surf lesson with us you can expect our instructors to provide an in-depth teaching. Other than just developing techniques on how to surf, our instructors can also educate you on how waves are formed, currents, water safety, and surf etiquette while in the water. The team will also hand select equipment that is catered to you. We carry a wide selection of surfboards that can matchup with any skill level all the way from beginner to advanced. We also carry mens and womens wetsuits that fit all sizes! Our clients have ranged from 5 years old all the way to 75! As long as you are able to swim, you are ready to surf! We look forward to sharing the surf experience with you!

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