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Join us in the water for a friendly and once in a lifetime surf lesson experience!

Private surf lessons in Ventura are what we do best.  Our instructors are devoted to giving you, your family, and friends full attention during your lesson in order to maximize time in the water.

Why Surf Lessons Ventura is the place to learn

Our method for teaching surf lessons in Ventura has been proven to guarantee you stand up on your first lesson! With the combined knowledge of our veteran surfers and feedback from our students, we have mastered the best techniques for beginners to have the best first-time surf experience!

Most of our surf lessons are with beginners who have never been on a surfboard. Helping out first-timers is our bread and butter but that doesn’t mean our team is without life long experts rich in knowledge. Our staff can cater any lesson to be beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

All of our lessons are private because we want the experience to be personable and tailored to you.

“Had a lovely experience, it was so fun and something I will never forget!”

Surf Lessons Ventura Includes It All

  • Quality Surfboard to match your level
  • Warm, Full-body, 4-3 Wetstuit
  •  Surfboard Leash and life-vest upon request
  • Meet us at our surf van parked at the beach
  • Bring your bathing suit, towel, water, and snack for afterwards
  • Paddling and pop-up technique
  • Footwork and balance control
  • Wave selection and etiquette
  • Ocean awareness and safety
  • If applicable, advanced tips on turning
  • Willingness to listen and learn
  • Any question is a good question!
  • Hands on assistance from our CPR certified instructors
  • Wave timing and pushes into waves
  • Tips for improving on future rides
  • Friendly and enthusiastic encouragement
  • Energy to paddle out and into waves
  • Preparedness to fall in love with surfing
  • Ready to experience euphoria

1 on 1 Lessons or Groups of 30, either way we've got you covered for your private lesson

1 on 1 surf lesson in ventura

Our private one on one surf lesson in Ventura is our most popular lesson. This is the perfect introduction to surfing for beginners. Your instructor will teach you the techniques of paddling, standing up, positioning on board, and water safety. For those who are more experienced your instructor will jump right into more intermediate techniques to help you carve on the waves! While our instructors will provide ample attention during all of our lessons, booking a 1 on 1 lesson will maximize time with your instructor.

2 person surfing lesson ventura

Our two-person surf lesson in Ventura is a great way to experience surfing with a friend, partner, or family member. Your instructor will be able to provide each of you with hands on attention as you each catch waves and paddle back out. These surf lessons are especially rewarding as friends and partners get to witness each other succeed and cheer one another on. Having a companion in the water during your surf lesson is a great way to share some waves and create long lasting memories!

surf lessons ventura pulls off another great sesh

Our 3-4 person surf lesson in Ventura is a fun option for those who are traveling with a group of friends or family! After going over the techniques on the sand, our instructors will take turns with each participant individually in the water ensuring everyone receives proper attention while developing their techniques. Laughing and cheering our loved ones on is highly encouraged here at Surf Lessons Ventura. Having the support of friends and family while trying out a new sport is crucial. Grab your friends and try something new by taking a surf lesson with us!

surfing ventura

Our 5+ surf lessons are available for larger groups of friends, families, and businesses who are looking to surf in Ventura. This is a perfect activity for bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate group outings, and large family gatherings. Nothing beats bonding through the joy of learning how to surf. For these large groups we will schedule multiple instructors to ensure everyone receives a top-notch learning experience. If your group exceeds 8 poeple there is a good chance we can even offer an extra half hour for free!

Surfing Lesson Information

All surf lessons are private and available 7 days a week year-round.

Lesson Start Times
  • 9:00 am – 10:30 am
  • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
  • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Curious which time we recommend?
Lesson Pricing
  • $115 for 1 surfer
  • $170 for 2 surfers
  • $225 for 3 surfers
  • $300 for 4 surfers
  • $325 for 5 surfers
  • $65 per surfer for 5+ groups

” We had a great time. The scene was fantastic, and it felt like a genuine experience. I felt bad for my instructor having to teach a few fresh on the board individuals like ourselves, but he was super patient with us and super helpful in directing what to work on. I will definitely be picking up this sport back in SF “

Where do I meet for my Ventura surfing lesson?

Once your surf lesson is booked we will email all of the details for your lesson location. The information we send will include directions to the surf spot, a picture of our surf van, and a reminder of what to bring with you. We often teach surf lessons at the far north corner of Ventura because of the variety of waves offered there.

The most popular beach we teach at is Mondos Beach. At Mondos beach the waves break nice and easy making it perfect for beginners. If you already have some experience, your instructor will take you further out to waves that break quicker and stronger. Mondos beach is known by Ventura locals as a friendly and beginner surf break so you’ll be in a supportive atmosphere.

surf lesson van at mondos beach

Surf conditions are changing on a daily basis so there is always a chance we’ll be teaching lessons at a different beach. Your surf location can range from other Ventura spots to nearby cities such as Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. We are devoted to giving you the best surf experience possible by reading the surf report daily in order to find the best location for your surf lesson.

We will be in contact via phone call and email if we need to change the location of your lesson. Please make sure that we can reach you by phone the day before and the day of your lesson.

surf at mondos
Surfboard Rental Discounts following your surf lesson!

At the end of our surf lessons Ventura waves continue on! By the end of your lesson our goal is for you to be stoked on surfing more. If you would like to keep your surfboard and wetsuit for an extra hour after your surf lesson we’ve got you covered.

We offer our surfboards and wetsuits to surf lesson clients at a 77% discount of our normal rental rate. We know from experience that after you’ve been given instruction you’ll want to test out your newly developed skills on your own. It can be a powerful experience to see yourself pick up new talents and apply them so quickly. Especially through the exciting sport of surfing!

If your friends or family have taken lessons in their past they can enjoy a rental while you’re on your lesson. Surfboard rentals can be picked up at our surf van on a daily basis at the same location where we are teaching lessons. To ensure that we load up the correct size gear we recommend providing heights, weights, and genders of all renters.

Surfboard Rental Pricing

$10 / surfboard & wetsuit for 1 hour after lesson

(77% Discount)

  • $45 / surfboard & wetsuit for one day
  • $30 / surfboard only for one day
  • $15 / wetsuit only for one day
  • no hourly pricing
  • one day can be anything from 1 – 24 hours

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